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Country View Garden Homes Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative Maintenance by Apartment

Country View Garden Homes firmly believes in creating a quality leasing experience by maintaining a proactive stand on maintenance issues within our community.   Sounds heavy, right?  To make it simple, we want to make sure that any inconveniences that could happen to you are limited by preventing an issue before it starts.  We have developed an intensive plan to help us do just that.  Periodically or, once a quarter to be exact, we will enter your apartment for  a property inspection.  During this inspection, we will be inspect your water lines, air conditioner, screens, and appliances.  We will also take this time to document any areas of concern, such as damages or housekeeping issues.  So, it sounds like we just through the whole “limiting inconveniences” deal right out the window, huh?  The truth of the matter is that it makes it easier for us to maintain your apartment.  It also helps us to keep costs at the community down, helping us to keep your costs down as well.

An easy example is your air conditioner filter.  A clogged filter will cause your air conditioner to work longer to cool, increasing your electrical cost and shortening the life of your air conditioner. The air conditioner filter is only one part of our inspection, and if that can save you 5% of your a/c electrical cost each month, imagine what happens when we happen to find and correct multiple issues.  That can result in substantial savings!  Most problems, like anything else, don’t just show up overnight.  They accumulate over time.  Think about this, most people change the oil in their vehicle every 3 months/3,000 miles.  Do you absolutely have to?  No.  But the longer you go without that “proactive” maintenance, the higher the risk of further damage being incurred.

Now that we understand the proactive maintenance, let’s discuss the inspection of the property for damage and housekeeping.  In the lease agreement, it states that you are responsible for any damages that you may be found liable for.  This includes doors that have large holes,  walls that have been damaged, broken blinds, and cracked windows or screens.  This also includes housekeeping issues such as bags of garbage left inside or anything that might cause a pest issue.  If we find that the there is a resident  caused issue in the apartment,  you will receive a notice from us. This notice will normally be in the form of a 7-day notice to cure noncompliance letter, unless the situation poses an immediate health/safety concern.  This notice will lay out what violations were found and the steps to remedy the situation.  If you chose not to remedy the problem or the situation persists, this can be grounds to terminate your tenancy.

To sum this up, our proactive maintenance program is intended to not only make your life easier and our workload smaller so that when an emergency does happen, we can dedicate all our efforts towards that situation.  We love being here to assist all of our resident’s as professionally and efficiently as we can.  If you have any questions about our maintenance department or any input in regards to it, please bring it to us by leaving a comment below!  Thank all of you for being resident’s at Country View Garden Homes!

I really love my apartment, I just wish it would grow!

Remember that feeling when you first walked into your own place.  New carpets, fresh paint, clean windows, and sparkling appliances.  Then it happened…  You moved in, bought furniture, big screen t.v’s, and a huge California King Bedroom set.  You swore it would fit and by George, you made it fit.  Then you came to a conclusion… Your gonna need a bigger place.  Not so much to house you, but to house all of your belongings!  You don’t have to move out, just move over.  At least, move into another apartment within your community.  We that are hip to the lingo in this business call this a Unit Transfer.  This means that you collect all of your belongings, move all of your items to another apartment, an begin a new lease there.  Sounds great, and like any great plan, there are details to performing a Unit Transfer that must be followed.  I will discuss our rules for performing a transfer and when it is an acceptable option for Country View Garden Homes.

The first point that we would like to make is that WE allow transfers.  This means that it is at our discretion to perform this action.  It is not a means to get a new apartment each year, just because you want that “new paint” smell or a different view.  We incur a certain cost each time you transfer and most of the time, the cost of turning the apartment is more than the amount that we collect in transfer fees. Please rememer we perform a property inspection before we create the option to transfer.  If you have created heavy damages to the apartment to the point where we have to replace flooring, cabinetry, or other items., chances are we are not going to offer the transfer to you.  This is another good reason to keep your apartment in “like new” condition.

Secondly,  we allow transfers to increase size, not equal to or less than, (unless extenuating circumstances exist).  We do not transfer you from a 3.2 to a studio simply because your roommate left you with an apartment you can’t afford.  We understand its frustrating, but it is equally frustrating for us.  We will have to incur the cost of production for two different apartments and lose income from the rental of a smaller unit.  When a resident transfers to a larger apartment, the income increases assuming the apartment has not been damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Downsizing apartments

Lastly in regards to allowing transfers.  There are fees associated with a transfer that must be paid Prior to you performing the transfer.  If we are going to extend an offer to transfer to you, we expect the fees to immediately be paid.  We always act on a first come, first serve basis.  If we notify you of a unit coming available the end of the month and you attempt to wait until the end of the month to pay your transfer fees, the apartment could very possibly be gone before then.  This means that you would have to wait until the next one comes available.  Currently there is a three hundred ($300.00) transfer fee that is associated with any on-site transfer.  This amount is meant to off-set the cost of the transfer, (new toilet seats, minor wear, etc.).  Deposits and fees stay with the apartment.  This means that when you transfer, you must pay a new security deposit as well as any other fees, such as pet fees, satellite deposits, electrical transfer, cable transfer, and water/sewer billing transfer.  Here is an example.  You moved into a one bedroom apartment six months ago, decided to get a roommate and move into a 3 bedroom.  You have 2 cats, paid a security deposit of five hundred ($500.00), and decided to go with Satellite, incurring another deposit of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00).  For your current apartment, you have paid One Thousand fifty dollars ($1050.00) in deposits and fees.  Prior to transfer, you would have the one thousand fifty dollars (1050.00) plus an additional three hundred ($300.00) transfer fee that would need to be paid before move in.  Assuming no damages or unpaid rents on the previous apartment, the refundable deposits (security and satellite)  would be sent back to you within 15 business days.

“But what if I have to move into a smaller apartment?”  There is one other way to transfer apartments and that would be a move-out/move-in.  You can elect to turn in a completed Notice of intent to move out of your current apartment and apply for another apartment.  This situation can be used to move into a smaller apartment.  One thing to take into consideration is we will perform a complete background check (credit and criminal).  If our criteria has become more strict or if your background information has changed, this could potentially lead to a denial and a retraction of any offer to renew from us.

Transfers can benefit all parties involved if they are regulated and controlled.  This post should help to familiarize all residents with the process and make it easier to understand.  We work to make sure that we can provide a quality rental experience for all residents at Country View Garden Homes!  If anyone still has a difficult time understanding what a transfer is, please feel free to speak to the office staff.  We love to help!

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Yikes! What do you mean I have three days to pay my rent or surrender my apartment?!

Time is money

If you have ever rented and had an emergency where you needed to pay your rent a little later than usual, you may have received one of the these notices.  A Three-Day Notice to Pay or Surrender Possession serves a double purpose.  It gives you a final opportunity to make your rental payment and prepares the property for the eviction process if that payment does not come in.  I’ll let you in on a secret, no property manager enjoys forcefully removing a resident from their home with an eviction process.  Sometimes it is necessary, but never enjoyable.

So let’s say you have received one of these letters, either by hand, or left on your door;  what do you do?  The obvious response is pay your rent, silly!  You will notice that the letter clearly indicates the amount of rents that are currently owed, including any late or accrual fees(such as $5.00 per day after the 6th day of the month).  As long as your payment is made in full before the end date on the notice, the issue is solved and you are in the clear.  If for some reason you are not able to make the payment in the three day window, it is still recommended that you contact the office and discuss the issue.  It may not stop the complaint for eviction being filed, but at least all parties have full knowledge of what is going to happen and maybe a resolution can be reached.  Communication is the key in all of this.

“So does this mean if I surrender my apartment, I am free to leave without penalty?” 

The short answer is no.  The long answer is found in the Lease Agreement in  Section 11 on page 2, which states that you will still be responsible for the apartment until either the unit is re-rented or until the lease ending.  When you move out without paying rent in full for the entire lease term or renewal period, at our demand because you are in default, or have an eviction completed, you have breached the contract and are subject to the penalties of it.

The policy for rent has always been the same with Country View Garden Homes.  All rents are due on the first of every month.  We allow a grace period up to the fifth of the month.  Rent is officially late on the sixth of the month and a $50.00 late fee will be assessed to all outstanding accounts.  A similar policy is used across many different types of payments and the results are always the same. Credit cards, car payments, and mortgages all assess fees when you pay late.  Why would renting be any different?

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Welcome to Country View Garden Homes!

Hi everyone, welcome to Country View Garden Homes!  This page is intended to keep residents and guests up to date on everything going on at Country View Garden Homes!.  Here, you can find everything from Lease information, DIY maintenance, Apartment design ideas, and much more.  This blog will  be continually evolving so if there are any questions or suggestions for us, we would love to hear them!  Please drop by the office or send us an email today.  You can find all our contact information by opening the contact us tab at the top of the page.

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