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Maintenance Request Priority

We work diligently to complete all time sensitive requests within 24 hours. There are exceptions to every rule, however, so there are requests that will not be completed within this time frame. For example, we currently have a 3-4 week waiting period for special requests. The following list will give you a general idea of how we schedule work orders.

  1. Emergency Calls– Excessive water leaking, flooding, smoke detector sounding, fire, etc.
  2. Urgent Calls – Air conditioning is not working, deadbolt malfunctioning, refrigerator not working, etc.
  3. Routine Calls – Clogged sink, toilet, or tub, garbage disposal not working, blinds not working, etc.
  4. Special Requests – This would include any special accommodations or modifications requested which we would complete at our discretion and on our schedule.

Please take into consideration our schedule and keep in mind that this list is used for reference purposes and we may need to rearrange the order of things depending on our workload for the day, including production on vacant apartments. Also note, you will be charged for damages for which you are found liable. The following charges are applicable during occupancy when foreign objects are found which cause unnecessary repair.  These charges are due within seven days from the date of an official letter.

  • Jammed garbage disposal – foreign object, (per call) – $ 20.00
  • Replacement of garbage disposal – foreign object – $100.00
  • Plunging & snaking a toilet – $35.00
  • Pull Toilet – $75.00
  • (Labor will also be charged at $25.00 per hour, per man to complete the job)
  • Lock out fee after office hours – $35.00
  • Replace lock – $45.00
  • Replace key – $3.00
  • Trash (per bag) left in hallway, laundry room, or found outside – $25.00
  • Mail found on grounds (per item) – $5.00
  • Broken window – $100.00
  • Window screens – $25.00
  • Pet Waste fine (failure to pick up after your dog) each occurrence – $50.00
  • Illegal vehicles – $50 per occurrence – subject to towing at owner’s expense
  • Illegal parking – $50 per occurrence

If you have any questions regarding maintenance requests, please feel free to contact the office at 239.995.1008.


Beginning in October we will undergo a process throughout the month for parking lot restoration. An outside company will be repairing, sealcoating and repainting the entire parking lot to make it look as good as new! This process may cause a few temporary inconveniences, so we would like to offer some important information to make this as easy as possible on everyone.

They will be doing the parking lot one section at a time. These sections will be clearly marked off and no one will be allowed to park in the area until it is no longer marked. As the date gets closer, we will be providing you with a schedule so you’ll be able to plan and park accordingly. All vehicles will have to be moved from each section in advance. If there are any vehicles that aren’t being used, please remove them from the property during this process. If there are any vehicles that aren’t running and haven’t been removed when that section is scheduled for completion, we will be towing it from the property at the owner’s expense. Please keep in mind that there will be fewer spaces available for all residents to park in. We ask that you limit the number of guests you have at this time, to allow more spaces for our residents—your neighbors. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

The coating they use for the sealant has a very strong odor. During this process we highly recommend leaving your windows closed and your air conditioner running to prevent the smell from getting into your apartment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.

Know Your Lease: Parking

We have been fortunate enough to be almost fully occupied for quite some time. With a full community comes full parking lots. We would like to take this opportunity to go over some of the rules on parking that are covered in your lease. You can find this information on page 3 of your Lease Agreement, under Paragraph 21: Parking and on the Community Policies, Rules and Regulations Addendum. There are additional community rules outlined on page 11 of the Welcome Home Packet. You can view copies of both of these documents here.

¨ There is no assigned parking, however, vehicles without permits must be parked in the parallel parking spaces located on the north and east sides of the property.


¨ We allow one vehicle per licensed, authorized resident in the apartment.

¨ All vehicles must be registered with the office and have a parking permit displayed so it is easily visible.

¨ You are allowed to repair or replace flat tires, but any other repairs cannot be made on property.

¨ All vehicles must have valid license and registration or will be subject to towing.

¨ Any vehicle blocking an exit, dumpster, drive way, or that is parked illegally will immediately be towed without notice at the owner’s expense.

¨ Washing vehicles on property is not permitted.

¨ Parking is on a first come first serve basis.

¨ Each household is allowed two (2) vehicles that may be parked up front next to the buildings.

¨ All vehicles parked in front of the buildings MUST have a parking permit on the rear driver side window bottom corner (if windows are tinted then permit must be placed front driver side window bottom corner).

¨ Any vehicles parked illegally or without the parking permits are subject to towing at the owners expense.

Resident(s) are responsible for obtaining parking permits from the leasing office. We will be placing orange tags on any vehicles that do not have a parking permit. If you see one on your vehicle, please contact the office and we will be happy to provide you with a permit if the vehicle belongs to you, a resident, and you have not exceeded the allotted number of vehicles for your apartment.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact the office at 239.995.1008.


Community Pool Rules

The rules and regulations listed below are for the protection and benefit of all to assure safe and sanitary operation of the pool and bathing facilities.  Keep in mind, most of these rules are due to health code ordinance and the swimming pool could be closed down temporarily or permanently if we were inspected and rules were not being followed. Parents are requested to caution their children to observe rules.

  • POOL IS OPEN FROM DAWN TO DUSK. Absolutely no admittance any other time.
  • SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.  All persons using the pool or pool area do so at their own risk, as management does not assume responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use.
  • NO GLASS OF ANY KIND allowed in pool area.
  • OBEY ALL POSTED POOL RULES.  (In addition to the rules stated here.)
  • Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.
  • Children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult resident (over 18 years old).
  • No running, pushing or wrestling.
  • NO CUTOFFS OR STREET CLOTHES ALLOWED IN THE POOL!  Proper pool attire is to be worn at all times.  Nudity and thongs are not allowed.
  • No abusive or vulgar language will be tolerated.
  • NO FOOD, CANDY OR GUM AT THE POOL.  Small snacks and can soda are an exception.  For your safety, do not swim for at least 20 minutes after eating.
  • NO TOYS IN THE POOL.  Floatation devices are an exception until they become a problem for others.

If you or your guests are disrupting the other residents, you will be asked to leave and your pool privileges may be suspended indefinitely.  If you refuse to leave when asked, or return without permission, you will be trespassing.

The pool is a “privilege” we want all our residents to enjoy. The management reserves the right to refuse entry or deny pool privileges at its sole discretion.


Country View Garden Homes Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative Maintenance by Apartment

Country View Garden Homes firmly believes in creating a quality leasing experience by maintaining a proactive stand on maintenance issues within our community.   Sounds heavy, right?  To make it simple, we want to make sure that any inconveniences that could happen to you are limited by preventing an issue before it starts.  We have developed an intensive plan to help us do just that.  Periodically or, once a quarter to be exact, we will enter your apartment for  a property inspection.  During this inspection, we will be inspect your water lines, air conditioner, screens, and appliances.  We will also take this time to document any areas of concern, such as damages or housekeeping issues.  So, it sounds like we just through the whole “limiting inconveniences” deal right out the window, huh?  The truth of the matter is that it makes it easier for us to maintain your apartment.  It also helps us to keep costs at the community down, helping us to keep your costs down as well.

An easy example is your air conditioner filter.  A clogged filter will cause your air conditioner to work longer to cool, increasing your electrical cost and shortening the life of your air conditioner. The air conditioner filter is only one part of our inspection, and if that can save you 5% of your a/c electrical cost each month, imagine what happens when we happen to find and correct multiple issues.  That can result in substantial savings!  Most problems, like anything else, don’t just show up overnight.  They accumulate over time.  Think about this, most people change the oil in their vehicle every 3 months/3,000 miles.  Do you absolutely have to?  No.  But the longer you go without that “proactive” maintenance, the higher the risk of further damage being incurred.

Now that we understand the proactive maintenance, let’s discuss the inspection of the property for damage and housekeeping.  In the lease agreement, it states that you are responsible for any damages that you may be found liable for.  This includes doors that have large holes,  walls that have been damaged, broken blinds, and cracked windows or screens.  This also includes housekeeping issues such as bags of garbage left inside or anything that might cause a pest issue.  If we find that the there is a resident  caused issue in the apartment,  you will receive a notice from us. This notice will normally be in the form of a 7-day notice to cure noncompliance letter, unless the situation poses an immediate health/safety concern.  This notice will lay out what violations were found and the steps to remedy the situation.  If you chose not to remedy the problem or the situation persists, this can be grounds to terminate your tenancy.

To sum this up, our proactive maintenance program is intended to not only make your life easier and our workload smaller so that when an emergency does happen, we can dedicate all our efforts towards that situation.  We love being here to assist all of our resident’s as professionally and efficiently as we can.  If you have any questions about our maintenance department or any input in regards to it, please bring it to us by leaving a comment below!  Thank all of you for being resident’s at Country View Garden Homes!

I really love my apartment, I just wish it would grow!

Remember that feeling when you first walked into your own place.  New carpets, fresh paint, clean windows, and sparkling appliances.  Then it happened…  You moved in, bought furniture, big screen t.v’s, and a huge California King Bedroom set.  You swore it would fit and by George, you made it fit.  Then you came to a conclusion… Your gonna need a bigger place.  Not so much to house you, but to house all of your belongings!  You don’t have to move out, just move over.  At least, move into another apartment within your community.  We that are hip to the lingo in this business call this a Unit Transfer.  This means that you collect all of your belongings, move all of your items to another apartment, an begin a new lease there.  Sounds great, and like any great plan, there are details to performing a Unit Transfer that must be followed.  I will discuss our rules for performing a transfer and when it is an acceptable option for Country View Garden Homes.

The first point that we would like to make is that WE allow transfers.  This means that it is at our discretion to perform this action.  It is not a means to get a new apartment each year, just because you want that “new paint” smell or a different view.  We incur a certain cost each time you transfer and most of the time, the cost of turning the apartment is more than the amount that we collect in transfer fees. Please rememer we perform a property inspection before we create the option to transfer.  If you have created heavy damages to the apartment to the point where we have to replace flooring, cabinetry, or other items., chances are we are not going to offer the transfer to you.  This is another good reason to keep your apartment in “like new” condition.

Secondly,  we allow transfers to increase size, not equal to or less than, (unless extenuating circumstances exist).  We do not transfer you from a 3.2 to a studio simply because your roommate left you with an apartment you can’t afford.  We understand its frustrating, but it is equally frustrating for us.  We will have to incur the cost of production for two different apartments and lose income from the rental of a smaller unit.  When a resident transfers to a larger apartment, the income increases assuming the apartment has not been damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Downsizing apartments

Lastly in regards to allowing transfers.  There are fees associated with a transfer that must be paid Prior to you performing the transfer.  If we are going to extend an offer to transfer to you, we expect the fees to immediately be paid.  We always act on a first come, first serve basis.  If we notify you of a unit coming available the end of the month and you attempt to wait until the end of the month to pay your transfer fees, the apartment could very possibly be gone before then.  This means that you would have to wait until the next one comes available.  Currently there is a three hundred ($300.00) transfer fee that is associated with any on-site transfer.  This amount is meant to off-set the cost of the transfer, (new toilet seats, minor wear, etc.).  Deposits and fees stay with the apartment.  This means that when you transfer, you must pay a new security deposit as well as any other fees, such as pet fees, satellite deposits, electrical transfer, cable transfer, and water/sewer billing transfer.  Here is an example.  You moved into a one bedroom apartment six months ago, decided to get a roommate and move into a 3 bedroom.  You have 2 cats, paid a security deposit of five hundred ($500.00), and decided to go with Satellite, incurring another deposit of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00).  For your current apartment, you have paid One Thousand fifty dollars ($1050.00) in deposits and fees.  Prior to transfer, you would have the one thousand fifty dollars (1050.00) plus an additional three hundred ($300.00) transfer fee that would need to be paid before move in.  Assuming no damages or unpaid rents on the previous apartment, the refundable deposits (security and satellite)  would be sent back to you within 15 business days.

“But what if I have to move into a smaller apartment?”  There is one other way to transfer apartments and that would be a move-out/move-in.  You can elect to turn in a completed Notice of intent to move out of your current apartment and apply for another apartment.  This situation can be used to move into a smaller apartment.  One thing to take into consideration is we will perform a complete background check (credit and criminal).  If our criteria has become more strict or if your background information has changed, this could potentially lead to a denial and a retraction of any offer to renew from us.

Transfers can benefit all parties involved if they are regulated and controlled.  This post should help to familiarize all residents with the process and make it easier to understand.  We work to make sure that we can provide a quality rental experience for all residents at Country View Garden Homes!  If anyone still has a difficult time understanding what a transfer is, please feel free to speak to the office staff.  We love to help!

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The Future of Apartment Living (Infographic)

Today, only 12% of renters are leaving to buy homes, and that number is expected to continue to decline. Renting has become an economic and lifestyle choice for more than half (57%) of those under the age of 34 and 46% of those under the age of 45. It seems the United States population favors apartment living, and according to the National Apartment Association (NAA), that will be the case for decades to come.

In the future though, apartment living won’t be a sacrifice; instead we imagine self-repairing appliances, alternative energy sources, and adjustable square-footage for city dwellers everywhere. Take a look at what we believe just might be the average standard of living in a city.

Apartment Of The Future - Infographic


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