Parking Lot Restoration Schedule

We notified you in the September newsletter that we would undergo a process throughout the month of October for parking lot restoration. An outside company will be repairing, sealcoating and repainting the entire parking lot to make it look as good as new!

They will be making general repairs to sidewalks and the asphalt from Monday, October 6th through Thursday, October 10th. Please note, this process will be very loud as they will be breaking up the concrete and replacing it with new. Also, if anyone is caught marking in the new concrete they will be fined for the repairs necessary to fix it.

The schedule for parking lot closures is as follows:

 Monday, October 20th – Wednesday October 22nd

Front parking lot (Pondella Road) by Buildings A, B, C, D & E will be closed until Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, October 22nd—Friday, October 24th

Back parking lot (Ruby Drive) by Buildings I, J, K & L will be closed until Friday morning.

Friday, October 24th—Saturday, October 25th

Both side parking lots (along Landsdale & Barrett Roads) by Buildings F, G, H, M & N will be closed.

As a reminder, all vehicles will have to be moved from each section in advance. All vehicles not will be towed from the property at the owner’s expense. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Please review the site map for a detailed map of the schedule. Please contact the office with any questions.

parking lot restoration site map

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